The Effect of Wellbore Temperature Changes and Frictional Losses on Well Test Interpretation Results
27 October 2016

This presentation demonstrates the impact of wellbore dynamics on pressure transient analysis (PTA) in oil and gas wells. It emphasizes the importance of considering temperature gradients and frictional losses to accurately interpret well test data. Highlights include: 

  1. The necessity of accounting for wellbore temperature changes and frictional losses, which are often overlooked in conventional PTA methods.
  2. The development of a semi-empirical method for converting downhole and surface gauge data to mid-completion bottomhole conditions.
  3. A detailed methodology for predicting wellbore temperature profiles as a function of fluid heat capacity over time.
  4. A series of case studies demonstrating the application of the methodology in various well types, including dry gas wells and gas-condensate wells.

Read on for the significance of acknowledging these factors for more accurate well test interpretations and better reservoir management decisions.