Founded in 2005, Oilfield Data Services, Inc (ODSI) is a consulting and digital service company specializing in reservoir and production engineering surveillance.

In addition to our consulting projects, ODSI provides a real-time, integrated well-completion-reservoir monitoring system – Automated Real-Time Surveillance (ARTS). The tool resides on the operator’s server, inside the firewall. The tool links to the Operator’s Historian/Database/Cloud and then polls the data, performs the desired calculations, and writes the results and reports back to the server.

Before computational computing power, many simplifying assumptions had to be applied to model fluid flow in the well bore. Empirical correlations were developed to model complex fluid flow behavior for various types of fluids and well geometries.

Since then, most of the research in the oil and gas industry focused on expanding on the earlier developed empirical correlations without realizing that now we have enough computing power to solve the fundamental Mechanical Energy Balance Equation numerically.

Our engineers start with the fundamental physics of fluid flow and model the fluid flow path and thermal profile of the well bore. We use Equation of State-based PVT and perform parametric phase-thermal wellbore modeling to calculate the rates given two pressures in the well (WHP and DHGP), or to calculate the pressure profile if given one pressure and the rates.

Once we have valid rates, we then perform:

  • Automated PTA (Build-ups, Drawdowns & 2-Rate Tests)
  • Blind Boundary Volumetrics (Distance to & Type of Boundaries; In-Place Volumes)

Note: We don’t want to see your geologic map until we have located the boundaries; seeing the map first creates unnecessary bias.

  • Automated Static MBALs (In-Place Volumes)
  • Automated Decline Analysis (Connected Volumes & Mobile Volumes)

ODSI’s Surveillance Engineers check the results of the automation, then provide updates on changes in well/reservoir performance, as well as the likely cause(s) of the changes.


ODSI will provide you with the most reliable information available, explain what it means, and present it in a way that helps you, as an operator to make the best decisions. If you have a problem, we’ll look at your data at no charge and then determine if we can help. If so, we’ll give you a list of deliverables and a quote.  If not…Why should you pay us?


Chris Fair Headshot

Chris Fair received his BSc in Chemical Engineering and his MSc in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Houston. During his time in school, he worked in various positions in the chemical industry and the oil patch.

Ricardo Flores Headshot

Ricardo Flores received his BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering and his MSC in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Houston. He joined the ODSI team in 2005 as the Chief Development Officer. 

Rueben Alaniz Headshot

Rueben L. Alaniz received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University and is a proud son of migrant workers. He joined the ODSI team in 2017.

Steve McBride Headshot

A resilient, high integrity leader who thrives in multi-cultural business environments across the Asia Pacific upstream energy domain from exploration to production. 15+ years in strategic business development, marketing and sales.