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By applying rigorous engineering principles, ODSI removes guesswork and uncertainty for wells, reservoirs, and production, enabling you to make better, faster, more profitable decisions. Check out our specialization areas below.

Well Performance Evaluation and Production Optimization

Comprehensive Reservoir Studies

  • Detect Wellbore Lift, completion and/or reservoir problems
  • Recognize the root cause of these problems
  • Recommend remediation strategies for skin, asphaltenes, waxing, scale, fines migration, etc.
  • Evaluate in-situ formation failure pressure
  • Optimize gas lift
  • Maximize safe allowable drawdown – don’t rip your completion out of the ground!
  • Just Calculating P.I. Doesn’t Tell You What’s Going On! Auto PTA does!
  • Assess reservoir volume: in-place, hydraulically connected and mobile hydrocarbon volumes
  • Blind reservoir boundary identification and volumetrics
  • Evaluate early estimate ultimate recovery (EURs) within approximately 6 weeks of initial production
  • Locate and track moving oil/water and gas/water contracts with time
  • Transient nodal analysis
  • Determine drive mechanism(s)
  • Reservoir simulation
  • Long-term reservoir management and NPV optimization strategies
Well Data and Instrumentation Quality Assessment Header
On-site and Remote Management of Well Tests, DSTs, & Frac Flowbacks Header

Well Data and Instrumentation Quality Assessment

  • Verify meter/MPFM Accuracy
  • Appraise pressure resolution, accuracy, and sampling frequency
  • Review wellbore/completion schematic
  • Evaluate formation strength and friability
  • Perform E-log evaluation

On-site and Remote Management of Well Tests, DSTs, & Frac Flowbacks

  • Specify instrumentation and equipment
  • Develop well test plan and operational procedures
  • Managing the well test to achieve the objectives
  • Tracking the volume growth using the WaveX method
  • Supervise test completion and analysis – remote or on-site
  • Engineered frac flowbacks