Well Analyzer for Producing Oil and Gas Wells
23 January 2016

This exploration of the ODSI Well Analyzer demonstrates enhanced production and reservoir surveillance in producing oil and gas wells. Automated Real-Time Surveillance (ARTS) enables both real-time and historical data analysis. These capabilities are highlighted across five case studies:

  1. Offshore Australia, Gas Condensate Well. Focused on continuous gas rate calculation and PVT tuning/liquid yield calibration.
  2. North Sea, Gas Condensate Well. Emphasized the importance of mid-completion BHP conversion and well test analysis.
  3. North Sea, Wet Gas Subsea Wells. Showcased the ability to calculate individual gas rates and perform auto-PTA.
  4. Gulf of Mexico, Gas Condensate Well. Involved validation and modeling of separator rates and BHP conversion from WHP data.
  5. Gulf of Mexico, Subsea Deepwater Oil Well. Centered on validating metered rates and determining the origins of water production.

Read on to learn how the ODSI Well Analyzer comprises comprehensive capabilities for enhancing the understanding and management of well and reservoir performance.