Well Analyzer for Conventional Horizontal Wells and Injection Wells
23 June 2021

This study showcases Well Analyzer’s automated real-time surveillance capabilities in real-time data analysis and decision-making. Case study highlights include:

  1. Subsea Horizontal Oil Producer with Water Injection: Demonstrates rate calculations and diagnostic pressure transient analysis (PTA).
  2. Horizontal Water Injector: Highlights wellbore calculations and the effectiveness of remedial procedures.
  3. Vertical Gas Injector: Focuses on gas storage and wellbore integrity.
  4. Multi-Phase Horizontal Producer (Oil, Gas, and Water): Analyzes phase separation and well performance.
  5. Multi-Zone Completion with Weak Water Drive: Examines water drive mechanisms and production optimization.

Read on for a comprehensive view of utilizing the ODSI well analyzer in enhancing oil and gas production efficiency and well performance.