VFM/Sudden Water Production in a Deepwater Oil Well
4 March 2024

Oilfield Data Services Inc. (ODSI) was brought in to diagnose the root cause(s) of sudden water production (zero to 4000 BWPD almost overnight!) in a deepwater subsea GOM oil well.  Using the tree gauge and the downhole gauge to perform multi-phase rate calculations, independently of the MPFM.  ODSI also performed automated PTA and additional reservoir evaluation work to determine that produced water was extraneous and would not affect the recovery from the reservoir, concluding that an intervention was not warranted. 

The findings emphasize the importance of accurate meter calibration and thorough reservoir evaluation to understand unexpected production behaviors, highlighting the necessity of integrating real-time data analysis for effective reservoir management and decision-making. ODSI saved the client $130 MM in well intervention costs by conducting this investigation.