The rationale behind the Automated Real-Time Service (ARTS) is simple: Take the things in the well/reservoir evaluation process that are time-consuming, tedious, subject to interpretation/model & correlation selection (and often times cherry-picked), and then automate the processing and analysis in a consistent and transparent fashion. However, not every task can be automated and not all automation will lead to the correct answer. There is no substitute for practical human experience. The way ODSI provides meaningful results to our clients is to combine these automated processes with a dedicated reservoir/production surveillance engineer assigned to each well in order to explain, person to person, what it all means.

The computer’s job is to crunch the numbers. The engineer’s job is to present the results in a way that an engineer or asset manager can easily tell what’s happening to their well/reservoir.

Worley-Parson Intecsea is our preferred partners for Flow Assurance Services. BPT is our preferred partner for Facilities & Topside Services.

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