Engineered Frac'd Well Flowbacks & Reservoir Evaluation
23 January 2024

This comprehensive overview of engineered flowback processes in fractured wells emphasizes reservoir evaluation. Various case studies are included, each focusing on different aspects of the process:

1. 3-Phase Horizontal WHPs Analysis: Examines wellhead pressures in a three-phase horizontal well, focusing on the relationship between modeled production rates and calculated bottom hole pressures (BHP).

2. Minor & Major Frac Stage Cleanups: Discusses the detection and management of cleanup surges and obstructions, highlighting how wellhead pressures are influenced by various operational conditions.

3. Evaluating Stress on the Proppant/Fracture-Dominated Region: Explores methods to assess the stress on proppant in the fracture-dominated region of the well, using historical data and analytical models.

Each case study contributes to a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in managing and evaluating fractured wells, emphasizing the importance of precise measurement and analysis in optimizing well performance.