Data and Instrumentation Quality Assessment

- Flow Meter/MPFM Accuracy Verification

- Pressure Resolution, Accuracy, and Sampling Frequency Appraisals

- Well Bore/Completion Schematic Review

- Formation Strength Evaluation

- E-log Evaluation

Performance Evaluation and Production Enhancement

- Detecting Wellbore Lift, Completion and/or Reservoir Problems

- Recognizing the Cause of These Problems

- Recommending Remedy Strategies for Skin, Asphaltenes, Waxing, Scale, Fines Migration, etc.

- Formation Strength Evaluation

- E-log Evaluation

- Gas Lift Optimization

- Maximum Safe Allowable Drawdown (Don’t Rip Your Completion Out of the Ground!)

- (Link to PPT): Just Calculating P.I. Doesn’t Tell You What’s Going On!

Comprehensive Reservoir Studies

- Reservoir Volume Assessment: In-place, Hydraulically Connected and Mobile Hydrocarbon Volumes

- Blind Reservoir Boundary Identification and Volumetrics

- Early EUR Evaluation (Usually Within 6 Weeks of Initial Production)

- Locating and Tracking Moving Oil/Water and Gas/Water Contacts with Time

- Reservoir Simulation

- Long-term Reservoir Management and NPV Optimization Strategies

On-site and Remote Management of Well Tests, DSTs & Frac Flowbacks

- Instrumentation & Equipment Recommendations

- Well Test Planning - Operational Procedures to Achieve the Test Objective(s)

- On-site Test Supervision & Analysis (mostly for exploration flowbacks) – Managing the flowback to maintain completion integrity, performing gauge P to mid-completion BHP calcs, analyzing the data for skin, perm, boundaries and observed reservoir volume, making recommendation on when to take samples; modifying the test procedure to meet the test objectives as we learn more about the well/reservoir during the test

- Remote Test Management and Evaluation (mostly for development wells) – same as above, but without being on location

- Engineered Frac Flowbacks: Don’t Crush Your Proppant Just to Get a High 1st Month’s IP!


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