ODSI partnered with an Oslo-based Billington Process Technology (BPT) in 2018 to create a fully automated real-time asset surveillance system – from subsurface to wellbore to facilities


Founded in 1998 in Oslo, Norway, BPT is an independent digital solution, simulation and service company with unique domain knowledge within production and process facilities.

BPT’s mission is to drive energy companies transforming the existing oil & gas industry to maximized sustainability as well as accelerating the value creation within the wider range of green energy plants and processes. Our engagements make significant environmental impact.

ODSI partnered with Houston-based WaveX to provide unbiased independent reservoir dimensioning analysis – ‘blind’ data-driven reservoir boundary identification and volumentrics independent of geological interpretation.


WAVEX®’s technology incorporates capillary threshold or initiation pressure, capillary flow, and wave mechanics into the pressure transient model. The method allows discrete identification of reservoir boundaries and integrated volume calculations during the test.

These discrete boundaries can be organized into reservoir boundary images and ranked as to which is the most likely boundary arrangement. Data is processed directly from a fixed choke transient pressure test, not as a “history matching” process. There is no starting “guess” as to what the reservoir looks like. The process is performed “blind”. Images are often directly comparable to 3D seismic images. The image from a single well test has no directional orientation. The boundaries are oriented relative to each other using an integral energy balances angular information unique to the WAVEX® radial capillary model.

ODSI partnered with Norway-based Prediktor through Billington Process Technology (BPT) in 2018 to create a fully automated real-time asset surveillance system – from subsurface to wellbore to facilities


Founded in 1995, Prediktor provides The Prediktor MAP Gateway that provides an industry-unique standardized protocol with a unified way of accessing, displaying all kinds of data associated with an industrial asset, which facilitates a highly efficient way to build practical IIoT applications

PVTsim Nova allows reservoir engineers, flow assurance specialists and process engineers to combine reliable fluid characterization procedures with robust and efficient regression algorithms to match fluid properties and experimental data. The fluid parameters may be exported to produce high quality input data for reservoir, pipeline and process simulators.


Stric-Lan Companies, LLC is a family owned and operated diversified service company with an established history of providing outstanding results. Our portfolio includes completions, production and pipeline operations. Stric-Lan continues to operate nationwide. We are known for delivering premium work to our clients including, but not limited to, well testing, flowback, pipeline services and automation.


Intecsea is a world leader in subsea systems, offshore pipelines, floating systems and overall field development. They provide independent insight, engineering and project management in any offshore environment.


Sigma Petroleum Company is a subsidiary of Sigma Group. Established in 2000, it renders services to oil and gas companies. Their long-standing relationship with the energy industry enables them to meet the challenges of this fast-moving, cyclical sector and to become a trusted partner of energy companies around the world, who count on their unique expertise to deliver innovative, reliable solutions in challenging conditions. Their comprehensive portfolio of services is designed to save you time and accelerate your cash flow.



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